About Scholar Ministries

Ron and Rebecca Smith have been in ministry together for twenty-four years, from their involvement in the Berryville First Assembly of God to their passionate teaching ministry in Scholar Ministries. They have been involved in the leadership areas of Worship Team, Childrens Choir, Royal Rangers, Youth Ministry, Tech Ministry and Adult Sunday Morning Study.

Their relational ministry has influenced many families as they teach scholars of all ages from all walks of faith…Jewish, Messianic, and Christian.

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RabbiRon Smith Co-Pastor/Pres. (with Board member Carson HIcks III)

Ron Smith is a quiet man who speaks with authority and integrity. He is much respected for his knowledge of scripture, Jewish history, culture, and language. His passion for Israel began with a simple job…as a tour guide in the replica of the Tabernacle of Moses located at the Great Passion Play. Years of teaching the relational nature of the tabernacle birthed in Ron a passion for the nation that followed it through the desert. He now acts as a resource for pastors and lay people alike, with an international scope of influence, providing answers to the toughest questions based on a comprehensive grasp of scripture and the ability to translate directly from the Hebrew texts, both cannon and apocrypha.

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Rebecca E Smith Co-Pastor/Vice Pres.

Rebecca Smith’s claim to notoriety lies in her radical commitment to Torah over Tradition. Ms Rebecca’s devotion to transparency and inspiration requires open access to worship practices, nerd humor, and brainiac discussions on Darwinism, worm holes, and the multi-dimensionality of the God who loves us. She is currently leading Scholar Ministries’ study on The Land – What Every Brainiac Should Know About Israel. She has studied leadership and worship principles, followed and trained under incredible leaders for 21 years, holds a five-year degree in Landscape Architecture, and has been married to a walking, talking encyclopedia of biblical proportions for many very talkative years.

Emily Grace Pearson The Minister! [Now Emily Yazzie and living/leading in Albuquerque, NM while remaining on our Board of Directors]

That gem of a photo there on is a picture of me in Sydney, Australia where I’ve lived for 10 months studying ministry (where she met her MAN). I’m originally from the armpit of the south, Northwest Arkansas where I was born and raised. I felt a call of ministry on my life my junior year of high school and responded to that call by moving exactly 9,835 miles away from my little hometown.  My accent is thick, my humor is an acquired taste and the blonde in my hair is paid for, but I am confident that the message of the gospel, that I have been entrusted to carry, is God-breathed and has the potential to change your life from this day forward. 
My heart for you is that you would meet Jesus through each post I put out, and that the fruit of what you read would be deeper and more intimate relationship with our Creator.