Be Invested

Life-changes happen…sickness, loss, economic circumstances…many things that affect our ability to hold onto our resources.  People find themselves inheriting unwanted land, moving away due to unforeseen issues, or simply losing interest in an investment.  Scholar Ministries has been able to relieve a very tangible burden for owners who find themselves needing to be free of property and wanting to handle it honorably…thus seeing donation to a non-profit as a win-win situation.
If you have ever been through a bankruptcy, foreclosure, or serious medical issue, then you know the mental, emotional, or physical pain that follows.  Yes, it is a unique way to provide freedom, but having gone through many of these same circumstances, we empathize and want to follow Spirit’s leading in this very unique way.  You, too, can help Scholar Ministries inspire, teach and train through donating or purchasing land from us.

Ways You Can Help