National Women’s Day: First-Wave-Feminist or an Original-Hebrew-Language-Bible-Hugging Wacko

I am not fond of a National Women’s day simply because I  am equal to man.  I am neither above or below, better or worse, stronger or weaker based on my DNA-blessed marker…female…or my Creator-directed gender…female.  I do not need a “Day” to celebrate me in order to draw attention to my value.  I already have a birthDay.

You can call me a first-wave-feminist because I believe in equality, not domination, OR you can call me an original-Hebrew-language-bible-hugging wacko because I know the scriptures put women in leadership ministry, both in original language and in opposition to an antagonistic culture, on equal footing with men.  I am FOR men, not against them, and I DON’T NEED special attention to be valued as a part of society.

What women do need is a spine, a serious work ethic, and a willingness to work TOGETHER alongside men!  If any workplace, any church, any civic institution actively works against that equal footing, then they violate integrity, authentic Scripture, and the Constitution.  If you cannot change your current environment,  find a better environment!  Don’t scream or whine about it.  Fix it.

All men (mankind) are created equal! …in value as a human being …in consideration as a human being …in opportunity as a human being.  Live like it.

Ms Rebecca